Bennett Preserve Registration

Why A Registration Process?

Bennett Preserve has over 796 expressions of interest for only 5 homesites (and the list is growing daily). Some prospective buyers live in other states and are relocating to the area and cannot attend an in person sales event. Others will not be able to attend on a certain “launch” day due to calendar conflicts.

Therefore, in order to make the buying process as fair and stress free as possible, we are taking the following approach for buying a home at Bennett Preserve.

Details of the Registration Process

Prospective buyers MUST complete a registration form to be a part of the sales process (even if you have previously signed up as a VIP). There is no obligation to purchase a home at Bennett Preserve when you complete a registration form, however, without it, you will not be registered in the queue of interested buyers.

To help provide some order to the buying process and give some control to prospective buyers, you will be contacted according to which group you sign up for in the registration form below, starting with Group A and working down to Group G. Each submitted registration form will be timestamped and prospective buyers will be contacted in the order their registration form was received. Therefore we highly encourage prospective buyers to submit the registration form as quickly as possible. You only need to complete the registration form once as the list will be used for the sale of all 5 homesites. You’ll also receive via email a copy of your submitted registration form with timestamp.

The registration groups are as follows:

Group A Any additional offer amount above $25,000. People in Group A will be sorted by the additional offer amount offered (highest to lowest) and by date/timestamp if two additional offer amounts are the same.
Group B $25,000 additional offer amount.
Group C $20,000 additional offer amount.
Group D $15,000 additional offer amount.
Group E $10,000 additional offer amount.
Group F $5,000 additional offer amount.
Group G No additional offer amount provided.

Additional offer amounts are only applicable if you choose to purchase a new home at Bennett Preserve, otherwise there is no cost to register for the sales process.

There is a chance if you don’t sign up for a higher level group that all homesites will be sold out by the time your name is reached on the list. For example, if we have 20 registrants in Group A, all 5 homesites may be sold just in Group A.

Note: If you wish to change groups at any time (i.e. moving from Group B to Group A), you will be added to that registration group according to the date/time stamp you joined that group. Also, if you missed the April 19, 2022 registration deadline for the start of sales, you may still register for any given registration group after the deadline, provided there are homesites remaining.

Homesite Premiums

Homesite Acres Premium Compatible Plans
501 2.862 acres $90,000 LaBelle
502 1.177 acres $10,000 Whitehaven, Taylor, Bradbury, Kendal, Pendleton
503 1.934 acres $30,000 Whitehaven, Taylor, Bradbury, Kendal, Pendleton
504 1.943 acres $80,000 LaBelle
505 1.433 acres $0 Whitehaven, Taylor, Bradbury, Kendal, Pendleton

Preparing for The Sales Appointment

Once selected, you will be offered the first available appointment time to meet with our sales team to review available homes and homesites (some homesites have premiums), price up a home (with available options), and write a contract (should you choose to move forward with the purchase of a new home at Bennett Preserve).

Below is how a home might be priced out at Bennett Preserve:

Base Price $999,900
Homesite Premium (ask sales manager about current homesite premiums) $10,000
Home Personalization Options (above the already strong included features) $75,000
Total Purchase Price $1,084,900

Note: While every effort will be made to find a mutually agreeable appointment time, if the customer is unable to make an appointment within a reasonable window of time, Wormald reserves the right to schedule other customer(s) ahead of them at their sole discretion.

Prospective buyers must bring the following to the appointment:

  1. Proof of available funds (through a bank statement or other document) and/or a pre-approval letter from a Wormald preferred lender for an “up to amount” for a purchase price relative to a mortgage loan.
  2. A list of which homesites you are interested in (it is recommended that you visit the Bennett Preserve site to get a feel for which homesite you would prefer).
  3. A preferred floor plan selection.
  4. A preferred elevation selection (with a back up).
  5. Be prepared to put down a 10% non-refundable deposit to secure a homesite as part of the contract (5% at time of purchase and 5% at start of construction).
  6. If you are working with a realtor, you must disclose this fact on the registration form AND the realtor must attend the first meeting with the Bennett Preserve Sales Manager in order for the realtor to be eligible to receive any commission on the sale.

Note: prior to the appointment, please feel free to call the Sales Manager as needed for any additional information in preparation for the appointment.

If a prospective buyer does not write a contract at the initial appointment, they will be given up to three additional days to enter into a contract. However, they run the risk of losing a preferred homesite or elevation to a subsequent prospective buyer. After the 3 days, the prospective buyer will lose their place in line.

Note: Contingent contracts are highly discouraged. While contingent contracts will be considered, they can be bumped by another purchaser able to write a non-contingent contract on the same homesite so it is likely the homesite will be lost by the contingent contract purchaser.

Base prices are subject to change without notice.

Wormald Preferred Lenders

Susan Caulfield

Senior Loan Officer,
George Mason Mortgage LLC

Mike Orsini

Area Sales Manager,
McLean Mortgage Corporation

Mike Goldstein

Senior Mortgage Officer,

Bennett Preserve Registration Form

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Reminder: Your additional offer amount will be in addition to the base price and lot premium

Note: Additional offer amounts are only applicable if you choose to purchase a new home at Bennett Preserve. There is no cost to participate in the registration process unless you purchase a house at Bennett Preserve.

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By submitting this form, I agree that I have read the above sales registration process for Bennett Preserve. I understand there is no obligation to buy a home at Bennett Preserve. However, if I elect to proceed with the purchase of a new home at Bennett Preserve, I agree to pay the additional offer amount if selected as stated in this registration form as part of the total purchase price for the property. I further understand that there is no guarantee that homesites will be available for purchase by participating in this registration process. In addition, while Bennett Preserve sales will endeavor to follow this process to be as fair to everyone as possible, Seller reserves the right to deviate from this process in its sole discretion.