Luxury Residential Townhouse Construction Project Manager

Areas of Responsibility:


  1. Schedule construction activities according to the Wormald Scheduling Process.
  2. Provide adequate lead-time for trade contractors and suppliers.
  3. Order and obtain all necessary building inspections as required to meet schedule requirements.
  4. Update the Home Start Schedule every week and provide approximate completion dates to Community Sales Manager and Contracts Administrator.
  5. Meet with the Community Sales Manager weekly to review the status of construction on each job in progress and discuss buyer concerns/issues.

Materials Management.

  1. Assist with the development of accurate material estimates.
  2. Weekly submit and review variance purchase order information for material and trade contractor variances with the Estimator.
  3. Inspect material deliveries to ensure they are accurate regarding quality and quantity and handle any discrepancies on site.
  4. Ensure proper storage of materials to guard against theft or damage.
  5. Promptly return extra materials to supplier ensuring that the appropriate credit VPO is Issued for that specific job.

Trade Contractor Management.

  1. Develop cooperative, mutually supportive relationships with all trade contractors.
  2. Ensure trade contractors understand and adhere to established scopes of work, schedules, checklists and quality standards.
  3. Utilize proper management techniques to ensure conflicts with trade contractors do not occur.
  4. Recruit, interview and recommend potential trade contractor hires to the Purchasing Manager.
  5. Forward any unsolicited bids and information to the Purchasing Manager for consideration.
  6. Ensure proper communication, training and support are provided to all new trade contractors.
  7. Constantly strive to determine individual trade contractor motivators and be attentive to their needs.
  8. Solicit feedback from trade contractors on strategies for improving processes, methods, techniques, etc.

Pre-Construction/ Pre-Drywall/ Pre-Settlement Orientation Meetings

  1. Project Manager will conduct preconstruction, pre-drywall and pre-settlement orientation meeting with clients. Specifically review all options are installed as selected.

Maintain Safety Standards.

  1. Ensure all site personnel comply fully with Wormald Homes’ safety standards and as closely with OSHA standards.
  2. Constantly monitor job sites and address apparent safety issues immediately.
  3. Accompany site safety inspectors and provide any documentation they require.
  4. Ensure any job site accidents are properly handled and documented. Submit information to the Accounting Manager by the next workday.

Job Site Management.

  1. Enforce all job site rules and regulations.
  2. Monitor the safe and secure storage of all tools and supplies.
  3. Monitor construction sites to ensure access to models and specs, trash removal, organization and neatness of construction materials and location of site equipment.
  4. Install and maintain temporary walkways for all homes under construction in accordance with seasonal requirements.
  5. Ensure job site construction debris is removed in accordance with the pre-established system, Trade Partner Scopes of Work and schedule.
  6. Ensure all job site personnel dispose of personal trash in the proper receptacles.
  7. Monitor and ensure the cleanliness and appearance of all subdivision entryways, streets and common areas.
  8. Perform a Community Appearance inspection weekly and take immediate action to address any items in need of attention.
  9. Perform all required erosion control inspections and manage the maintenance of all erosion and sedimentation control devices and any other requirements.

Quality Control

  1. Review plan accuracy and communicate any problems to the Production Manager.
  2. Ensure Wormald Homes’ quality standards are adhered to during all phases of construction.
  3. Ensure trade contractors maintain quality control by adhering to checklists.
  4. Conduct quality control inspections and provide input to all trade contractors on each work site once every day.
  5. Perform required quality assurance inspections.
  6. Ensure trade contractors make necessary corrections cited in inspections and verify the satisfactory completion of the correction work.
  7. Constantly look for ways to improve quality and communication.
  8. Monitor warranty reports to identify recurring or preventable items and communicate all necessary information to trade contractors for future elimination of these issues.
  9. Homeowner Relations & Warranty Assistance.
  10. Maintain a courteous, professional demeanor in all dealings with homeowners.
  11. Return any homeowner telephone calls within 24 hours.
  12. Perform electrical walk-thru with buyers and electrician.
  13. Assist Warranty Manager with emergency situations upon request.
  14. Politely direct homeowners back to the Community Sales Manager to address all questions or concerns throughout the construction process.

Delivery of Homes.

  1. Prior to final customer walk-throughs, inspect each home to ensure its quality, accuracy and completion and verify that all incomplete or deficient items have been resolved.
  2. Conduct final walk-throughs of each home in accordance with the established procedure and checklist.
  3. Complete all punch list items (except those requiring special order materials) generated during final walk-throughs within five days and ensure customer sign-off is obtained. Those items requiring special order materials are to be completed and signed off within twenty-one days.

Personnel Management.

  1. Recruit, interview and hire all laborers.
  2. Train all construction personnel.
  3. Recommend all initial compensation and adjustments for direct reports.
  4. Ensure personnel adhere to all Wormald Homes systems, policies and procedures.
  5. Motivate and support construction personnel.
  6. Address employee performance problems and take corrective measures to facilitate improvement.
  7. Resolve any employee questions or problems.

Control and Reduce Construction Costs.

  1. Communicate any back charges to trade contractors and suppliers and get them to sign any back charge VPO prior to submittal.
  2. Answer inquiries from the accounts payable person and estimator regarding invoices and/or payments.
  3. Monitor, document and report all variances.
  4. Review and thoroughly understand the scopes of work in order to make decisions regarding enforcement and to authorize payment.
  5. Continually monitor job sites for inefficiencies and waste.
  6. Contribute to the value engineering process by understanding the concept of “perceived value” and by providing feedback on the building process.
  7. Identify and recommend specification changes where excessive.
  8. Participate in analyzing variances at designated variance meetings and recommend changes to eliminate variances..

Enforce and Adhere to Weather-Related Construction Procedures.

  1. Maintain a constant awareness of predicted weather conditions by monitoring news forecasts on a daily basis.
  2. Follow all established procedures for cold weather concrete pouring.
  3. Ensure temporary heat is provided and maintained for all homes as weather conditions dictate.

Miscellaneous Duties.

  1. Ensure all homes are locked and unlocked each weekday.
  2. Communicate and establish relationships with building inspectors, city officials, engineers, utilities, and home inspectors.
  3. Maintain job site photo log
  4. Provide or contribute to all reports required by management.
  5. Perform any other tasks or special projects as required by management

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